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    What to expect ?

What to expect ?


Tandem flights... how do they work?

1. You call us to schedule a flight (a few days ahead of time if possible)

2. We meet at our Shop-School, located in Talloires, right across from the landing area. You’ll meet our team here, and above all the professional instructor who’ll be taking you to experience this unique moment.

3. Then we take a shuttle to the take-off area (Col de la Forclaz or Planfait)
4. Here your instructor will give you a harness and a helmet, and he'll prepare his wing...
then all you have to do is take a few steps to take off !

5. Keep your eyes wide open, YOU’RE FLYING !!!

6. The landing is gentle, you just take a few steps and you’re back on the ground, but your head may still be in the clouds….

7. Then you'll return to the shop, where you can purchase a dvd or usb key with photos and videos of yourself during your adventure!


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Frequently asked questions

1. Are there age limits for flying?
Children can fly at the age of 5, and there’s no real age limit for seniors; you just need to be able to run a few meters to take off and land.

2. Is it possible to suffer from vertigo while flying?
No, vertigo doesn’t exist during a paragliding flight. To experience vertigo, you need to have your feet on the ground and look downwards. It’s a problem due to the internal ear.

3. How should I dress?
This will depend of course on the season and the temperature. As a general rule, dress as follows: trousers (or three-quarter pants), a windbreaker, and sneakers (or hiking shoes). During summer don't forget your sunglasses!

4. Can I take my camera?
Yes, it’s totally possible to take your camera to snap some photos as you fly.

5. Where will I take off from?
We use 2 take-off sites above Lake Annecy:
Planfait (960m), which allows a flight making it possible to play with the updrafts and also to gain altitude facing Lake Annecy. 
The Col de la Forclaz (1250m), which allows longer distance flights, crossing over the lake and landing at Doussard.In both cases, the weather will have the final word, since the two take-off sites do not have the same wind orientation.