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    Planfait area

Planfait area

Welcome to the Planfait site !

Close to Annecy, this free flight site located at 960m in altitude has been laid out to offer maximum enjoyment for local and visiting paragliders.

More intimate than the Forclaz site, this small site will immediately enchant you, with its green forest and summits that you can almost touch with your wing, and offers wild, varied panoramas. Open your eyes, nature surrounds you! The eagles and chamois are watching you, too. 😊

Access to the take-off area

The take-off area is easy to access:
- By car: follow the Col de la Forclaz road, and when you arrive in Verel, follow the signs to Acro Aventure. You then arrive at a natural site in the middle of the forest, under the watchful eye of the Dents de Lanfon massif.
A quiet car park, a snack bar, a preparation area for your gear and an equipped take-off area (carpet, wind socks, etc.) – all you have to do now is fly away!
- By bus: In summer, an eco-shuttle is available for free trips up, twice a day between July and September. Check the schedule here.
- On foot: for the most athletic, a trail will take you up from the landing area in roughly 35 minutes. Stop by our shop and we’ll explain the route.

Planfait landing area

Here is a map to use when approaching the landing area, with a few rules to comply with – we count on you to do so !
- Do not fly above houses (specially the one just in front of the lending area)
- Do not walk on the field between the lending area and the parking. these are cultivated fields.