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    SIV course - Piloting

Paragliding flight incidents - Paragliding piloting training course

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Why sign up for this training course?

Do I have the required level?An essential moment in the life of a pilot. Gaining confidence is all very well, but sometimes our desire to go further puts us in uncontrollable situations... The best solution is to meet these problems head on by anticipating them. This is the goal of our piloting training course.

Flight incidents always occur when we least expect them. It’s too bad to use your emergency parachute when the situation still offered a probable escape solution. Even more so, anticipating can sometimes even avoid a flight incident completely. When you’re driving your car, you don’t count on your airbags and the automatic trajectory correction system to successfully handle a dangerous curve, do you? Well, you just understood what we mean by the term piloting!

This training course is fully adapted to each participant’s level. It’s a tailor-made training course taking into account each trainee’s past and future. An absolute must in this respect.


Program :

Weekends (Saturday+Sunday).

Saturday morning, we meet fairly early (8am) in order to check everyone’s emergency equipment. We then equip you with an earpiece and a safety vest, we check your equipment, and off we go to the take-off site!

Once we’ve verified your basic piloting skills, you’ll get to know every single detail of your sail, progressing at your own pace.

Pitch, roll, closing, engaged 360 – we will adapt the training to each one of you, depending on your level and your expectations. After each flight you’ll have a debriefing, as well as a video at the end of the day. If you want, you’ll be able to take your images home. (Just bring a good memory stick!!!)

The price includes:  

   - training by 2 nationally-certified instructors
   - the loan of a safety vest and an earpiece
   - a cameraman
   - the photos and videos of your flights
   - the boat to pick you up
   - the shuttle trips.
One day 170€
Emergency parachute rental(per day) 20€
Radio rental (per day) 10€
Group (per day, max 8 pers.) 155€/ day/pers.

What you must plan for in addition:

   - Lunches (eaten together in nearby snack bars)
   - the FFVL insurance/license (roughly 50€ for 9 days)
   - accommodations.