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Paragliding Cross-country initiation

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You want to go further, fly out of the box?

This training course is for you! The program will focus on the ceiling, transitions, going up again, and piloting.

Here you will discover what is authorized and what is prohibited during paragliding Cross-country flights. What we mean by Initiation to Cross-country, for example, includes connecting flights between two well-known free flight sites. We start in the morning by working with you on interpreting the weather conditions. According to this interpretation, we will propose technical routes, simple at first, and then gradually more complex, in order to improve your expertise in terms of feasibility and engagement.


A full day of training, from 8:30am to 6pm (approximately)

"I’m starting to better understand thermals, but I don’t dare go farther from my favorite landing site." This is the kind of feeling that often leads trainees to come see us, and this is why a special training course is entirely dedicated to you!
With this type of training, you’ll take one step further in your progress as a paraglider, and we’ll give you the tools you need to make your Cross-country flights:

  - Interpreting a site
  - Analyzing the weather, anticipation, maps, GPS, etc.
  - How to center a thermal properly
  - Your first transitions!

>>> Send an E-mail to sign up at : info@grandsespaces.com

The price includes:

   - training by 2 nationally-certified instructors
   - the loan of a radio (and a helmet if necessary)
   - the shuttle trips.
PACKAGE Your gear Our gear
5-day course 580€ 620€
1-day course 125€ 145€
10-day price (non-consecutive) 1050€ 1195€
5-day price (non-consecutive) 590€ 630€
Group discount (5 pers. min./training course) -10% -10%
Advanced pilot’s license assessment day 150€ //
1/2 day of theory 88€ //

What you must plan for in addition

   - Lunches (eaten together in nearby snack bars)
   - the FFVL insurance/license (roughly 50€ for 9 days)
   - accommodations.