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    Forclaz - Montmin site

Forclaz - Montmin site

Col de la Forclaz take-off area

Perched at an altitude of 1280 m, the La Forclaz site is famous worldwide for its beauty and ease of flight.
Due to its popularity, the site is often very crowded. Rules have been developed to allow everyone to enjoy paragliding in the best possible conditions.
In summer, when the site is at its busiest, Raphaël the regulator is present at the take-off area to guarantee the safety of all practitioners.

atterissage parapente et delta doussard

The Doussard landing area

There are many possible flight plans when you take off from the Col de la Forclaz. From the short run of an aficionado to a long cross-country flight, the possibilities are numerous and will depend upon the conditions.
The closest landing area in Doussard, located at the end of Lake Annecy.
Here is a map of the Doussard landing area and its rules.

Access to the take-off area

The municipal authorities of Talloires-Montmin recently limited the direct access to the site.
Although there is a small car park near the take-off, it is only accessible from November to April.
From April 1 to the end of October, a barrier at the level of the pass limits access.
Free flight fans then have 3 possibilities:
- To climb up on foot, which takes about twenty minutes and is ideal for a gentle warm-up
- To drive up in your vehicle, after purchasing a badge
- To take the Doussard taxi-bus connecting the take-off and landing areas

Access badge prices in 2017

Badge price: 10€  (non-reimbursable but re-usable at will)
Price for 1 "paraglider" trip up: 20€
Price for 1 "paraglider" day: 40€ (unlimited access to the take-off for 1 day)
Price for 1 "hang-glider" trip up: 5€
Price for 1 "hang-glider" year: 100€ (unlimited access from January 1 to December 31)

The badges are sold in the Talloires-Montmin Town Hall or at other points of sale, including our shop at Les Grands Espaces.

Doussard-Forclaz connecting shuttles

A private shuttle (taxi-bus) leaving from the Doussard landing area can take you up to the take-off area at the Col de la Forclaz, during the season and depending on the conditions...