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    Cross-country course

Cross-country Paragliding training course

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From technical mastery to enjoyment

You have a good level of autonomy and some experience already? Follow the guide!
He’ll show you the aerial routes preferred by crossmen and large birds of prey…


Program :

Discover our region thanks to fabulous circuits. Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Isère, etc. Each day we propose a new route. During the training course, we’ll examine your personal expectations together. Using a GPS, flying faster to go further, optimizing the prevailing conditions, reading a weather map in a useful way, etc. There are a vast number of topics, which may vary for each trainee, since the key word in this training course is customization !

>>> Send an E-mail to sign up at : info@grandsespaces.com

The price includes:

   - training by 1 nationally-certified instructor
   - the loan of a radio (and a helmet if necessary)
   - all shuttle trips and pick-up.
PACKAGE Your gear
5-day course 500 €
1-day course 100 €
Gear rental (per day) 25 €
Group price (7 pers. min./training course) 95 €

What you must plan for in addition: 

   - Lunches (eaten together in nearby snack bars)
   - the FFVL insurance/license (roughly 50€ for 9 days)
   - accommodations.