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    Becoming an autonomous pilot

Become an autonomous pilot!

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Make fast progress with our tailor-made training courses ! This one-day or one-week training course focuses on two objectives:
- Reaching an initial level of autonomy in order to fly alone in calm conditions
- Discovering the sites in the Annecy area

Discover new inflation techniques, take your first updrafts, do soaring flights over certain adapted sites.
Your piloting technique is the focus of every flight, with pitch, roll and 360 exercises, dynamic turns, etc.
In groups of 7 trainees maximum, the technical content of the flights is adapted to your needs, according to your progress.

Training courses from April to November.


Program :

We meet at the school in the morning to check everyone’s license and equipment, equip you if necessary, and off we go to the take-off site! If you haven’t paraglided for a while, we might propose that you spend one or two hours on the training slope.

- Work on the different take-off techniques (facing the sail/back to the sail)
- Managing your landing with autonomy
- Understanding the movements of your sail with exercises in flight (roll/pitch, etc.)
- Flying without the radio (yes!)
- First updrafts !
- Flights in different aerological and geographic conditions
- In-depth theoretical concepts (flight mechanics, piloting, etc.)

In short, the goal is to make you autonomous !

>>> Send an E-mail to sign up at : info@grandsespaces.com


Prices :

The price includes:
   - the loan of all equipment (recent and approved)
   - training by 2 nationally certified instructors
   - the shuttle trips
PACKAGE Your gear Our gear
 5-days course 580€ 620€
 1-day course 125€ 145€
10-days price (non-consecutive) 1050€ 1195€
5-days price (non-consecutive) 590€ 630€
 GROUP DISCOUNT (5 pers.mini/training course) -10% -10%
Advanced pilot's license assessment day 150€ //
1/2 day of theory 88€ //

What you must plan for in addition: 

- Lunches (eaten together in nearby snack bars),
- a medical certificate authorizing you to practice paragliding (it’s valid for 3 years)
- the FFVL insurance/license (roughly 50€ for 9 days, the forms are available in paper format at the school)
 - accommodations