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    A course about thermals

Attack the Thermals!

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I attack the Thermals!

Handling Thermals for the first timeYou fly alone? You’d like to fly up higher?
Come and learn to analyze and use the air mass to extend your flights in total safety!

Les Grands Espaces will help you to fly in your first updrafts...
Your mission: to analyze the prevailing conditions, validate the choice of the site, to circle in and refine the thermal...



A full day of training, from 8:30am to 5pm (approximately)

This training course is designed for pilots who already have a certain degree of autonomy (take-off/landing). We meet at the school in the morning to check everyone’s license and equipment, equip you if necessary, and off we go to the take-off site!
   - Learning to analyze the prevailing conditions
   - Choice of and adaptation to different types of paragliding sites
   - Harnessing dynamic and thermal updrafts
   - Learning how to circle in, crab, and tighten the thermals
   - Working on your active piloting with the assistance of the instructor
   - Changing sites
   - Basic aerology, a dash of flight mechanics applied to piloting, regulation, etc.

>>> Send an E-mail to sign up at : info@grandsespaces.com

The price includes :

   - training by 2 nationally-certified instructors
   - the loan of a radio (and a helmet if necessary)
   - the shuttle trips.
Package Your gear Our gear
5-day course 590€ 620€
1-day course 125€ 145€
10-day price (non-consecutive) 1050€ 1195€
5-day price (non-consecutive) 590€ 630€
Group discount (5 pers. min./training course) -10% -10%
Advanced pilot’s license assessment day 150€ //
1/2 day of theory 88€ //

What you must plan for in addition:

   - Lunches (eaten together in nearby snack bars)
   - the FFVL insurance/license (roughly 50€ for 9 days)
   - accommodations.